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Walter Brueggemann Recites Psalm 146

by Trent Gilliss, senior editor

Sometimes we have to make some difficult cuts for a one-hour show, but, with Walter Brueggemann, a kind of rock star in the theological world, it becomes even more challenging. The audio above includes one of these behind-the-scenes moments.

When Krista asked him to read a biblical verse that means something special to him, he responded by reading an excerpt of Psalm 146. Why he chose it and his explanation is even more intriguing.

Listen in and let us know how you react to his understanding of these verses.


Spegazzini Glaciar by RicardoBevilaqua


Upper Yosemite Falls, California
Photo: Andrew Coffing

This 30-second exposure revealed a moonbow hidden in the mist at the foot of the falls. The full moon and clear sky made for a perfect photo op from the Yosemite Valley floor.

(via geologyrocks)


Rock With A Face - Goblin Valley, Utah

The Jurassic Entrada Sandstone in Goblin Valley erodes into Hoo-doos; a geologic feature formed as a result of multiple layers of less erosionally resistant sands which were deposited within more erosionally resistant sands that, combined with rain and wind, create the unique pattern of erosion seen here.

(photo and submission by trilobitesarealive)


Clusterfuck of architectural elements in the Great Mosque

Location: Cordoba, Spain

c. 10th century-16th century

I love the Great Mosque, it is one of the most remarkable structures I have been able to see in person. However, it is full of strange architectural mixes that can leave one slightly dumbfounded. This image is a perfect example. What is not shown below are is the beautiful marble arches from the original mosque which was later couple with some rib vaulting(um, what?) and some pretty snazzy crucifixion scenes. Now I am aware that the Christians incorporated their church directly into the pre-existing site but wow there are some weird things going on here.

Later I will share a cluster of columns that has absolutely no thought put into it.

Photo taken November 12, 2011 by Caroline Quintanar

I apologize for the poor quality of this photograph. It is prohibited to take photos with flash and my camera is sadly not up to snuff. Until I am able to scrounge up a sufficient amount of money, we’ll just have to deal with this quality.


“Magnificent Milky Way and Radiant Stars”

(via WeHeartIt)

(via st828811)